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World Business 'n Economy Congress at Indore from 15-17 February, 2019 was a grand success. Hearty congratulations and many thanks to all of you.

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Publisher: Dr. Jyoti Garg
Address: Sector AG/80, Vijay Nagar, A.B. Road, Indore, 452010, INDIA

Vol. 23(6) June 2019

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Research Papers

1. Chemical constituents and antioxidant properties of Artemisia ciniformis essential oils at pre and flowering stages from northeast of Iran
- Tayebeh Jafarian, Katayoun Roghani and Ameneh Mohammadi

2. On harnessing industrial waste groundnut oil cake as a low-cost substrate for L-asparaginase production by marine-derived fungus Aspergillus niger AKV-MKBU
- Vala Anjana K. and Dave Bharti P.

3. Particulate matter in urban area of Bologna (Italy): Data dissection
- Gabriele Micheletti, Carla Boga and Luciano Forlani

4. Thermodynamics and Ultrasonic studies on Gadolinium Soaps in Benzene-Dimethylformamide mixture
- Agrawal Seema and Upadhyaya S.K.

5. Green synthesis, characterization and catalytic applications of zinc oxide nanoparticles
- Muthukumar Sampath Kumar, Kalyanasundharam S., K. Santhanalakshmi and Jacquline Rosy P.

6. Photo-catalytic Dye Degradation and Antibacterial Activity of Hexadecylamine Capped Zinc Sulphide Nanoparticles
- Kalia Bala Shashi, Sharma Manjeet and Chauhan Gunjan

7. Adsorption of Fe (III) Ions on Maleic Anhydride Styrene Copolymer-N,N’-diphenylguanidine
- Eyyubova E.J., Nagiyev Kh. J. and Chiragov F.M.

8. Corrosion inhibition properties of the extracts of Hemigraphis colorata against mild steel in acidic media
- Palakkal Leena, Zeinul Hukuman N.H. and Mullapally Jisha

9. Lead Removal from Landfill Leachate by Electrocoagulation process using Iron Electrodes: Influence of pH and Direct Current
- Maiti Sanjib Kumar, HazraTumpa and DebsarkarAnupam

10. Corrosion Inhibition of Thiourea with Synergistic Effect of Potassium Iodide on Mild Steel in Brackish Water and Effluent Water
- Fatima Saifee K., Filmwala Zoeb A. and Hussain Kaneez F.

11. Eco Friendly Synthesis of Novel Schiff Base of Isatin Derivatives
- Abirami M. and Nadaraj V.

12. Analytical Application of Titanium (IV) Molybdotungstate for estimation of Yttrium (III) Ions
- Sharma H.K., Sharma N., Kumar P. and Dogra P.

13. Selective and efficient detection of hazardous catechol with Nickel Hexacyanoferrate-graphene modified electrode
- Sankar Jadhav Varsharani, Senthilkumar E., Shanmugharaj A.M., Raghu S. and Kalaivani R.A.

14. Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol production from paper mill sludge by separate hydrolysis and fermentation
- Bhakta Sarbari, Debnath Krishanu, Sriram Aditi, Keshav Rukmani, Maitra Meghna and Panjanathan Radha

15. Biodegradation Studies of Polyhydroxyalkanoates extracted from Bacillus Subtilis NCDC 0671
- Mridul Umesh and Basheer Thazeem

16. Synthesis, Structural and Morphological Properties of CaFe2O4: A Potential Material in Photocathode for Artificial Photosynthesis
- Samanta Pijus Kanti

17. GC-MS Analysis of the Extracts of Archidendron bubalinum (Jack) I.C Nielsen Fruit from Lampung, Indonesia and evaluation of their Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities
- Candra Irawan, Foliatini, Hanafi, Lilis Sulistiawaty and Henny Rochaeni

18. A pilot study to evaluate the physiological and behavioural effects of a widely consumed pharmaceutical on Oreochromis niloticus
- Parvin Iloara, Das Swarnali, Sen Pooja and Kundu Samita

19. Heavy metals uptake by Alcea Rosea (Holly hock) using phytoremediation technology
- Shivhare Niharika, Gour Anita, Vyas Rajesh, Patidar Shyam, Marmat Vinay and Sharma Kavita

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