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World Business 'n Economy Congress at Indore from 15-17 February, 2019 was a grand success. Hearty congratulations and many thanks to all of you.

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Publisher: Dr. Jyoti Garg
Address: Sector AG/80, Vijay Nagar, A.B. Road, Indore, 452010, INDIA

Vol. 14(10) October 2019

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Research Papers

1. Effect of camel whey immunoglobulins concentrate on the activity of sheep liver glutathione-s-transferases
- Abdallah Lubna, Benali Sanad, Zugier Diaa, Hoge Diaa, Bradia Hassan, Nazzal Abdulla, Al-Aqtum Ahmad and Kabaha Mahmoud

2. Process optimization on degradation of phenanthrene by Candida tropicalis NN4 using response surface methodology: Green chemistry approach
- Ojha Nupur, Mandal Sanjeeb Kumar, Aich Pooja, Guru Anuja and Das Nilanjana

3. Assessment of probiotic attributes of Enterococcus lactis Dh2 and Enterococcus lactis AP4 isolated from traditional fermented foods
- Chandel Manisha, Sharma Nivedita and Sharma Ranjana

4. Efficiency of three mitochondrial genes in molecular identification and phylogenetic analysis of termites
- Reem Alajmi, Ashraf Mashaly, Noura Al-Otaibi, Ahmed Mahmoud and Tahany Ayaad

5. Comparative phytochemical evaluation and biological control properties from Lasianthus verticillatus (Lour.) Merr. (Rubiaceae) extracts
- Tiwtawat Napiroon, Keerati Tanruean and Srunya Vajrodaya

6. Evaluation of Phyoto and Aquatic Toxicity of Neonicotinoid Insecticide Additives - Benzyl Benzoate and N-Cyclohexyl Benzothiazole-2-Sulfenamide and their Metabolites produced by Pseudomonas desmolyticum NCIM 2112
- Mali Gajanan Vishnu

7. Modeling studies by response surface methodology on culture parameters optimization for keratinase production from Actinomadura keratinilytica Cpt20
- Bilal Kerouaz, Fatiha Benamia, Amina Habbeche, Boudjema Saoudi, Soumeya Haberra, Jaouadi Bassam, Mokhtar Boudelaa, Hafedh Belghith, Ali Gargroui and Ali Ladjama

8. Optimization Production of Antifungal Substance from a Sponge-associated Trichoderma harzianum cultivated in the Tofu Dregs and Rice Bran
- Agus Trianto, Agus Sabdono, Ocky Karna Radjasa, Rini Pramesti, Nur Taufiq Samsudin Putrajaya, Muhammad Syaifudien Bahry, Desy Wulan Triningsih, Sulistiowati and Rachmat Afriyanto

9. In-vivo anticancer activity of biogenic gold nanoparticles in zebra fish model
- Mary Joselin J., Ganesh Kumar V., Govindaraju K., Tamilselvan S. and Shanmugapriya S.

10. Green synthesis of Manganese nanoparticles from Microalgae Tetradesmus acuminatus isolated from freshwaters of Dharwad and evaluation of their Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory activity
- Mujeeb M.A., Ankalabasppa Vedamurthy, Arun Kashivishwanath Shettar, Joy Hoskeri H. and Shivasharana C.T.

11. Pharmacophore Modeling, Virtual screening and Molecular docking for the identification of Potential inhibitors against BRAF V600E
- Irshad Ahmed, Meena K.S. and Sangeetha K.

12. Changes of enzyme activities and phytochemical constituents in small cardamom capsules caused by the infestation of thrips, Sciothrips cardamomi (Ramk.)
- Murugan M., Dhanya M.K., Ashokkumar K., Sathyan T. and Surya R.

13. Beneficial activity of Brahmi gritha against diclofenac-induced toxicity in Wistar albino rats: An in-vivo study
- Jerine Peter S., Praveena Lakshmi Chaitanya Laxmi B., Udhaya Lavinya B., Usha Kumari and Evan Prince Sabina

14. Evaluation of three different impression cytology techniques for RNA retrieval from canine ocular surface epithelial cells
- Chelladuraai Sowbharenya, Singh Kiranjeet, Gopinathan Aswathy and Agrawal Ravi Kant

15. Biodegradation of Chlorpyrifos from Paddy Fields with Bacterial Consortium
- Choudhuri Aniket, Silambarasan Sivagnanam and Abraham Jayanthi

16. Optimization of physicochemical parameters and medium components for enhancing the production of resveratrol in endophytic fungus Aspergillus niger
- Roat Chetana and Saraf Meenu

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