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Publisher: Dr. Jyoti Garg
Address: Sector AG/80, Vijay Nagar, A.B. Road, Indore, 452010, INDIA

Paper Received
1. After receipt of the paper online at our website or by email at, we will check first whether it is as per format of the journal. If not, author will be asked to submit it again as per instructions to authors. Authors must check the current issue of the journal for format. Papers received have been listed from January 2013.

2. Declaration/copyright form to be given by the authors regarding manuscript is must. If authors do not provide the declaration, manuscript will not be reviewed.

3. Manuscripts, references, tables and figures should be loaded all together. Declaration/copyright form, processing fees form and membership form should be attached separately.

4. After receipt of declaration/copyright form and processing fees, your manuscript will be sent to two experts for review.

5. Manuscript accepted or rejected will be notified to corresponding author by email within 45 days of receipt of the manuscript. Acceptance letter will be sent to corresponding author within 45 days of receipt of manuscript and processing fees.

6. Website will never show acceptance or rejection. Those authors who wish to know status of their manusript should write to us at email: with following details:

I. Name of the corresponding author ; II. Name of the journal.; III. Title of the manuscript.; IV. Date of submission of manuscript V. Number of authors.

Title of MenuScriptDateAuthor Name
Screening of a high yield polysaccharide strain from ten edible and medicinal fungi and optimization of its culture conditions10/25/2014Duan Yan-Qing2, Xing Zhan-Chang3 and Xu Jun-Wei1*
Fermentative production of extracellular pigment from Streptomyces coelicolor MSIS1 10/27/2014Mohanasrinivasan V.*, SriramKalyan P., Ipsita Nandi, Subathradevi C., Selvarajan E., Suganthi V. and Jemimah Naine S.
Diversity and Evolutionary relationship of LRRs in rust resistance genes in agronomically important crops12/30/2014Dr. D.C. Lakshmana reddy
In silico mining and analysis of simple sequence repeats in chloroplast genomes of order Rosales14032015 Shanker Asheesh
Homology Modelling of Laccase from White Rot Fungi Rigidoporus microporus06/05/2015Kale Swapnil Kisanrao
Phylogenetic analysis of ATP-Binding Cassette (ABC) protein in the Fabaceae family05/12/2016Bej Sonali and Basak Jolly*
Characterization and identification of bioactive peptides producing Lactobacillus sps. based on 16S rRNA gene sequencing 11/08/2016Priyanka Chandraa* and Shilpa Vijb
Bio-prospecting of potential marine metabolites towards cancer therapy by computational approaches28-07-2017Dr. J. Helan Chandra
Study on Cypermethrin Binding Domain of Voltage Gated Sodium Channel in some insect species and Human beings06/06/2018Samanta Aveek