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We welcome you at World Commerce and Management Congress being organized by us at Indore, India from February 15 to February 17, 2019.

We will organize World Science Congress on Cruise from Singapore to Malaysia from June 07-09, 2019.

Publication in WRJ is totally free. Please submit your manusript along with copyright form. Our current issue is always open access.

Authors are requested to check:

Publisher: Dr. Jyoti Garg
Address: Sector AG/80, Vijay Nagar, A.B. Road, Indore, 452010, INDIA

Prof. Dilip Kumar Maiti, FRSC  
Department of Chemistry, University of Calcutta,
92, A.P.C. Road, Kolkata-700009, INDIA
Phone: +91-33-2350-9937(Ext.439) (O) and +91-9433379965 (M)


Dr. Saptarshi Das  
Assistant Professor, Engineering Science and Mechanics,
The Pennsylvania State University,
N-333 Millennium Science Complex State College, PA 16802, USA
Phone: +1-814-863-2639

Dr. Abhijit Mallick  
Professor, Department Electronics, University of Calcutta
92 A.P.C. Road, Kolkata-700009, INDIA
Phone: +91-33-23509937 (O) and +91- 94339 73879 (M)

Dr. Syed Arshad Hussain  
Professor, Department of Physics,
Tripura Univesity (A Central University),
Suryamaninagar - 799022, Tripura, INDIA
Phone: +91 3812374802 (O) and +919402122510 (M)

Dr. Atanu Mitra  
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry,
Sree Chaitanya College (PG),
Habra-743268, West Bengal, INDIA
Phone: +91-9432187718

Dr. Swapan Majumdar  
Professor, Department of Chemistry,
Tripura University
Suryamaninagar, 799 022, West Tripura, INDIA
Phone: +91-381-237 9070 (O) and 91-9436124464 (M)